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Month: February 2016

KMail Update

From: Glen Cunningham <glen1@...>
Date: Sat, 20 Feb 2016 11:46:44 +1100
G'day Trinity Users,
    At last I've found a tuit ( a round one) :-)  Upgrading from 
TDE 3.5.11  to Trinity R14.0.2.   So far, I've got Ubuntu 14.04.4 with 
Trinity R14.0.2 on another computer.  My yellow-streak compells me to 
leave the working TDE 3.5.11 system alone until the new box is properly 

   My main problem is transferring KMail settings and mailboxes to the 
new system, so my questions are ....
1. Is it just a simple copy of the files from the old to the new 
2. If this is possible, which files need to be copied?  From where to 
where?  (Seems that paths and directories are very different on the two 

  FWIW.  I tried searching the list archives but my search-foo is rather 
low just now, but I found some references that suggest that what I want 
to do is actually doable. 

Thanks in antic,

PS.  If anyone is interested, the "new" system is an Aldi Akoya E4214 
which is not as yet well supported by Linux distros but eventually got 
WiFi working with a custom compiled driver.  G.