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Month: February 2016

Re: [trinity-users] Kaffeine and HDTV

From: Gene Heskett <gheskett@...>
Date: Tue, 23 Feb 2016 10:26:47 -0500
On Tuesday 23 February 2016 09:17:34 Thierry de Coulon wrote:

> On Tuesday 23 February 2016 09.27:39 Gene Heskett wrote:
> > In the event that it works for HD with winderz but not linux, the
> > list to ask next would be the v4l list on (I think,
> > I've not been on it in a couple years)  Some pretty sharp digital
> > video folks hang out there.  You'll need to show them the lspci or
> > lsusb/lshw output so they can properly ID the chipset in the stick.
> >
> > Cheers, Gene Heskett
> I can confirm that it works with Windows (same stick, on the same
> machine). There seem to be two problems:
> a) Can Kaffeine display HD TV?

Yes, works well with the 4 signals, 8 "channels" that I can get off air 

> If not there's not much to do short of 
> looking for another program.
> b) How can I create a new program list, as w_scan crashes (so badly
> that it locks the machine competely).

I haven't encountered that, however, without a signal it marches right 
thru our american tv band reporting nothing found in nominally 1 minute.  
But it doesn't crash.  Possibly a contaminated line in the standard file 
your locale would use?  Guessing of course, aka known as a SWAG, for a 
Scientific Wild Assed Guess. ;-)

Here, w_scan didn't ring any bells, so I did the usual search for likely 
suspects, and came up with this:

gene@coyote:/usr/src/dvb-atsc-tools-1.0.8$ ls -l `locate w_scan`
-rw-r--r-- 1 root root   810 Feb 11 
06:16 /opt/trinity/lib/trinity/
-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 28372 Feb 11 
06:23 /opt/trinity/lib/trinity/

From those dates, its been updated recently, and while kaffiene still 
say's its 8.8, thats obviously been updated recently by TDE r14.0.3 
here.  Are you up to date?

I'd mildly fault the kaffeine people for not configuring us a way to 
specify by manual entry, a channel vs frequency input. That might take 
technical info not at the average users fingertips.  Perhaps it will 
happen eventually?

> I'll take a look at the v4l list. thanks.
> Regards,
> Thierry

Take care,

Cheers, Gene Heskett
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