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Month: December 2016

Re: Dual screen setup not remembered

From: deloptes <deloptes@...>
Date: Thu, 01 Dec 2016 08:54:46 +0100
iadest@... wrote:

> Maybe this solution is not official and proper one, but works: Put the
> xrandr commands in a shell script and execute is at startup.
> I have such script which detects is my notebook docked first. If yes,
> dual-screen configuration for dock outputs are set and notebook's LCD
> is turned off.
> If it's not docked, script checks for display connected to VGA port. If
> it is, it duplicates screen from notebook decreasing resolutions to
> 1024x768 as it's usually a projector in a lecture room and it can't do
> more.
> MCbx

I do the same. In the office I have two additional monitors and at home one.
So a shell script is checking what is available and runs xrandr to setup
the monitor and resolution.
Perhaps this is the reason we never noticed that the settings are not saved
and/or applied at tde session startup.
In fact I have noticed this on a VM ware recently, but I was thinking it has
to do with the vmware.
I think it is worth a bug report, so that we may not forget to inspect this.