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Month: December 2016

konqueror profile in kicker menu not sorted alphabetically

From: Stefan Krusche <linux@...>
Date: Wed, 14 Dec 2016 17:04:43 +0100
Hello everybody,

does anyone use konqueror profiles in kmenu? In TDE panel options/menu you can 
configure konqueror profiles to be included as a submenu in kmenu to be able to 
access them there.

On my system these konqueror profiles in a submenu of kmenu unfortunally are not 
sorted alphabetically, so that it is very hard to make use of this feature when 
you have more than only a few profiles there. (Konqueror profiles accessed 
through konqueror's settings/"load view profile" submenu are sorted correctly, 
the same in "configure view profiles" dialog).

Kate profiles shown in kmenu will sort properly, too.

These extensions are configured in kickerrc:
and the according .desktop files are found in:

The .desktop file calls for a library
which lives in:

So there I reached binary/programming level where I gave up (I'm not a 
programmer), so I assume, this rather could be understood by one of the 
appreciated programmers of this community, which I would like to ask to have a 
look at the issue, if there is no solution on configuration level, which I 
possibly have missed and which is welcomed as well.

Kind regards,
Stefan Krusche
KDE3/TDE user since the first release of KDE3
Berlin, Deutschland