My advice would be for those having the usability issue to contact paypal themselves. It really isn't up to Tim to contact paypal over a usability issue rather it is up to the people who are having the usability issue to contact them. If Tim contacts them and they ask him questions that he doesn't know the answer to he then has to come back to the list to ask others questions so he can reply to paypal. If you take out the middle man, in this case Tim, Tim doesn't waste time with toing and froing so a usability issue that hasn't directly affected him gets fixed for others who it does directly affect.

On 24 December 2016 at 09:30, deloptes <deloptes@...> wrote:
Timothy Pearson wrote:

> I have no control over any of the pages after you click the big orange
> Donate button.  Those are all served directly from PayPal using
> proprietary code that only PayPal has access to.  You'd probably need to
> contact them directly, but I wouldn't expect any fixes to be honest.

Contact them and perhaps they will react. Nowdays you never know. Indeed it
looks like a paypal interface issue.
The problem is reproducible when you do not enter the amount but select a
country first.
It returns with an error message "Please enter an amount greater than zero."
and the input fields are not updated to the selected country.

If you first enter the amount and then select the country, the fields are
updated accordingly.

I hope this helps


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