You are allowed to disagree.

Let us be very clear the service of paypal is not provided by Tim rather it is a spin off of Ebay. Yes Tim is using Paypal but he is not providing it. If you have a problem with Paypal you cannot expect Tim to fix it as he does not control Paypal so you are adding unnecessary complexity by requiring Tim to fix something he has no power over. You however do have power because it is a usability issue that affects you so you are best placed to report to Paypal what the issue is you have.

On 24 December 2016 at 20:01, deloptes <deloptes@...> wrote:
Michael . wrote:

> My advice would be for those having the usability issue to contact paypal
> themselves. It really isn't up to Tim to contact paypal over a usability
> issue rather it is up to the people who are having the usability issue to
> contact them. If Tim contacts them and they ask him questions that he
> doesn't know the answer to he then has to come back to the list to ask
> others questions so he can reply to paypal. If you take out the middle
> man, in this case Tim, Tim doesn't waste time with toing and froing so a
> usability issue that hasn't directly affected him gets fixed for others
> who it does directly affect.

I do not agree. We use service provided by Tim/TDE - we report there. It is
up to the service owner to escalate in the chain.
Of course we could make an exception, but it should be clear that this is
not the proper process.


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