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Month: December 2016

q4os implementation of TDE

From: Thierry de Coulon <tcoulon@...>
Date: Sat, 24 Dec 2016 22:04:34 +0100
I've been experimenting with q4os. I've installed the pi version on my pi 3, 
and tody the direct installation version on a desktop (I have not yet tested 
the "live CD", that is supposed to let you choose where to install grub, and 
maybe also other things.

While the system is fast, debian based and one of the only distributions I 
know to bring TDE directly, I found the implementation, well, let's say it 
could be better:

- beside being called "q4os-desktop", it depends on tdesu. It took me some 
time to find how to get it to use tdesu instead, and I am not sure everything 

- But mainly, lots of things are missing. I had to basically install / 
reinstall everything with "trinity" to get some (to me) important 
configuration stuff. Out of the boy one could neither change the icon set, 
nor the window decoration. Other TDE control center elements were missing, 
such as the login manager.

I have nothing against having to run synaptic, but I *knew* that it was 
possible to setup things. I know at least one man I directed to q4os (because 
he needed a system to run on an older notebook). He did not know TDE (nor KDE 
3 I guess). q4os may introduce more people to TDE, and they will just get the 
feeling that TDE can't be changed the way they like.

Shouldn't Trinity tell q4os to at least *tell* the users that the UI has been 
cropped and the way to get back all the functionality?


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