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Month: December 2016

More Q4OS weirdnesses

From: Thierry de Coulon <tcoulon@...>
Date: Tue, 27 Dec 2016 11:41:24 +0100
As I allready said, Q4OS's implementation of TDE is missing many elements that 
have to be installed afterwards, if you wish to have the usual  services.

Several elements of TDE settings are not installed in the default option.

The latest I've discovered is elements of TDE settings present, but not 
working: TDE settings opens to an icon vue. There are Icons, but a click 
opens the *.desktop file in kedit. Example for "File Association":

[Desktop Entry]
Exec=tdecmshell filetypes


Name=File Associations
Name[af]=Lêer Assosiasies
Name[ar]=ارتباطات الملفات
Name[az]=Fayl Əlaqələri
Name[be]=Асацыяцыі файлаў


A workaround is to execute "tdecmshell filetypes"

Obviously, the problem is a missing association, as if I copy the *.desktop 
file to my openSuSE system, everything works fine.

But what is this association? x-desktop has no association in my settings. 
However, TDE/openSuSE opens *.desktop files correctly, as programs or as 
tdecmshell whatever...

Where to look for information?