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Month: December 2016

Re: New Kate session panel (was [Re: [trinity-users] Re: Re: Kate can't remember to 'Hide Documents'r])

From: deloptes <deloptes@...>
Date: Wed, 28 Dec 2016 00:53:39 +0100
Michele Calgaro wrote:

> Hi Emanoil,
> sorry for the late reply to this (too busy with work, family and trying to
> fix TDE support for openssl 1.1 in stretch). Attached is a cumulative
> patch for tdebase that you can use to preview the new Kate session panel I
> mentioned before. You can apply the patch again the current main trunk.
> This will add a new session panel to Kate and rework session support
> almost entirely. I am actually planning more work on this (to add support
> for files in sessions as well, making it similar to a mini-project
> manager) but will probably be delayed to R14.2 or whatever.
> !!! Please NOTE the following !!!
> - all existing Kate sessions will be imported
> - the "default session" is no longer hardwired and actually does not
> really need to exist any more (it can be renamed/delete) - after you
> finish your testing, if you want to go back to the existing Kate (without
> the new session panel), you will NOT be able to use the session files from
> Kate-with-the-session-panel. Therefore if you just want to do a test, I
> recommend you save all you session files
> (~/.trinity/share/apps/kate/sessions folder) before you use the new Kate.
> So far I have used this for about a year (through development) and have
> not yet pushed the code to the main repo. Any feedback from you (or anyone
> else willing to test) would be more than welcome. If positive enough, I
> will probably push the changes.

Hi, so from what I understand risk is low. I'll put it on todo and look
forward to push the patch locally when I rebuild tdebase next time.
I am not sure how it will look like from time perspective - means I can not
promise this will be done in short terms. I am pretty happy with how it
works at the moment BTW.