A little more information on what distro you are using would be helpful.
Debian Live build now has proper UEFI support so you can build, or get someone to build one for you, a live image and use that to install it.
Grub-efi should install, if you are using an efi capable installer and Windows is installed using efi, and you should then be able to select whatever OS you want as you would normally using Grub.

On 1 January 2017 at 06:22, Felmon Davis <davisf@...> wrote:
On Sat, 31 Dec 2016, Gene Heskett wrote:

On Saturday 31 December 2016 12:56:59 Felmon Davis wrote:


I want to install Trinity on a multiboot uefi system. I think I've
messed up the uefi already so I am wary about doing something that
renders the system unbootable. (will of course do backup but still...)

it's got Windows 7 and NetRunner on it. csm is turned on (which I
think is part of the problem) and of course secure boot and fast boot
are off.

CSM? Definition plz.

I'd have to google what the acronym stands for but it's a utility in UEFI which allows 'legacy' booting, that is, booting via the MBR.

So am I as I've not bought a board with a UEFI bios on it yet.  However,
there is not a single reason trinity, to my knowledge, writes anything
to the MBR.

not sure what you mean: that's where some of the partitioning code used to lodge. I forget the details but something like BIOS jumps to code in the MBR which knows the partitioning scheme. UEFI, replacing BIOS, uses a different process. details cloudy. the crucial code is in a uefi-boot partition.

I don't like it defaulting to NetRunner since I wanted it to default to grub and then I could manage everything there. I'd like Windows, NetRunner (soon Maui?) and Trinity. I may remove NetRunner in the longer run but it's been fun and useful.


Felmon Davis

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