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Month: December 2016

Re: [trinity-users] installing on uefi multiboot.

From: Felmon Davis <davisf@...>
Date: Sat, 31 Dec 2016 17:02:50 -0500 (EST)
On Sun, 1 Jan 2017, Michael . wrote:

> A little more information on what distro you are using would be helpful.
> Debian Live build now has proper UEFI support so you can build, or get
> someone to build one for you, a live image and use that to install it.
> Grub-efi should install, if you are using an efi capable installer and
> Windows is installed using efi, and you should then be able to select
> whatever OS you want as you would normally using Grub.

as mentioned, I have Windows 7 and NetRunner; I want to add Trinity. I 
like Hare's exegnu version.

however, I guess I can install Debian Live with uefi support. then 
load Trinity on top of it!

I will have to check if I installed Windows via uefi. NetRunner is, 
I'm pretty sure, using uefi.

however, you imply that there will be problems if Windows is not under 
uefi. presumably I would have to boot it from the 'BIOS' instead of 
via grub-efi. if so, not pretty but tolerable. I don't have time right 
now for magic surgical operations.


> On 1 January 2017 at 06:22, Felmon Davis <davisf@...> wrote:
>> On Sat, 31 Dec 2016, Gene Heskett wrote:
>> On Saturday 31 December 2016 12:56:59 Felmon Davis wrote:
>>> greets!
>>>> I want to install Trinity on a multiboot uefi system. I think I've
>>>> messed up the uefi already so I am wary about doing something that
>>>> renders the system unbootable. (will of course do backup but still...)
>>>> it's got Windows 7 and NetRunner on it. csm is turned on (which I
>>>> think is part of the problem) and of course secure boot and fast boot
>>>> are off.
>>>> CSM? Definition plz.
>> I'd have to google what the acronym stands for but it's a utility in UEFI
>> which allows 'legacy' booting, that is, booting via the MBR.
>> So am I as I've not bought a board with a UEFI bios on it yet.  However,
>>> there is not a single reason trinity, to my knowledge, writes anything
>>> to the MBR.
>> not sure what you mean: that's where some of the partitioning code used to
>> lodge. I forget the details but something like BIOS jumps to code in the
>> MBR which knows the partitioning scheme. UEFI, replacing BIOS, uses a
>> different process. details cloudy. the crucial code is in a uefi-boot
>> partition.
>> I don't like it defaulting to NetRunner since I wanted it to default to
>> grub and then I could manage everything there. I'd like Windows, NetRunner
>> (soon Maui?) and Trinity. I may remove NetRunner in the longer run but it's
>> been fun and useful.
>> f.
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