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Month: December 2016

Re: [trinity-users] installing on uefi multiboot.

From: Felmon Davis <davisf@...>
Date: Sat, 31 Dec 2016 21:24:58 -0500 (EST)
On Sun, 1 Jan 2017, Michael . wrote:

>>> as mentioned, I have Windows 7 and NetRunner; I want to add Trinity. I
> like Hare's exegnu version.
> exegnu is what I needed to know.
>>> however, I guess I can install Debian Live with uefi support. then load
> Trinity on top of it!
> I think you need to find out if Windows is installed using EFI before you
> do anything.
>>> I will have to check if I installed Windows via uefi. NetRunner is, I'm
> pretty sure, using uefi.
> Don't be pretty sure, be absolutely positive.

I have CSM enabled; I installed Windows 7 then on the MBR. 
subsequently I installed NetRunner. the computer boots by default 
to NR.

when I go to 'BIOS' or whatever it's now called, there are two options 
for NR, one is marked 'uefi os'.

the option for Windows is not so marked.

I infer NR is uefi while Windows is not.

>>> however, you imply that there will be problems if Windows is not under
> uefi. presumably I would have to boot it from the 'BIOS' instead of via
> grub-efi. if so, not pretty but tolerable. I don't have time right now for
> magic surgical operations.
> If Windows is installed non efi (i.e. Legacy BIOS) and other OSs are
> installed EFI then the PC will default to EFI boot and Windows will not be
> a bootable option (I had this happen with my current motherboard)

in my case Windows is a "bootable option" but I think you mean 
"bootable from grub"?

> If Windows is installed EFI other OSs installed Legacy BIOS will not be a
> bootable option because Windows EFI boot takes precedence (it was MSs
> attempt to kill off Linux from mainstream PCs)
> If Windows is installed EFI and other OSs are installed EFI then Grub EFI
> will become the primary bootloader and should provide you with a menu that
> shows the EFI bootable OSs. Windows will show up in Grub EFI as long as it
> was installed EFI and selecting it will initiate NTbootloader and start
> Windows.

ok. this is pretty clear. to fix it so grub-efi works I'll have to 
re-install Windows 7.

> So be absolutely positive how your system is setup and then come back and
> let us know so we can, if need be, walk you through the install.
> Just as an aside does exegnu support EFI installation?

this I do not know - it was one motive for my caution.

> if it doesn't and that is what you want to use you will need to get 
> an iso of Devuan, and do the required research to ensure Devuan is 
> EFI compatible, to install it and then install TDE of top of that.

well, Lisi suggested I could use some standard live Debian disk. I 
guess exegnu is now restricted to Devuan? I'll check. not absolutely 
married to it but it's been my standard.

I installed NR only because I was in a bit of a rush in that moment 
and didn't want to fool around with getting up the wifi drivers - 
exegnu live doesn't see the wifi whereas NR does 'out of the box'. 
once up I just decided to go with the install and see how NR worked. 
(I used it for a spell some yrs ago.)


Felmon Davis

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                 -- William Shakespeare, "Much Ado About Nothing"