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Month: January 2017

Re: [trinity-users] TDE 14.0.4 on Debian Stretch, tdm-trinity, tdeinit problem

From: "L.S. McCarty" <lsmccarty@...>
Date: Sun, 1 Jan 2017 12:12:51 -0500
On 01/01/17 11:42 AM, Sl�vek Banko wrote:
> On Sunday 01 of January 2017 15:51:17 L.S. McCarty wrote:
>> On 01/01/17 05:23 AM, Sl�vek Banko wrote:
>>> On Sunday 01 of January 2017 06:13:30 Michele Calgaro wrote:
>>>> On 2017/01/01 05:50 AM, L.S. McCarty wrote:
>>>>> Hello to all.
>>>>> I'm a long-time TDE user running TDE 14.0.4 amd64 on Debian 9.x
>>>>> Stretch (unstable, actually Siduction, using systemd). It works well,
>>>>> although I occasionally run into minor issues that I eventually
>>>>> solve. It is after all "unstable".
>>>>> Over the last few weeks a problem remains, binutils_2.27-9_amd64.deb
>>>>> works fine, but several updates of this program which can be loaded
>>>>> by itself, most recently binutils_2.27.90.201612331-1_amd64.deb, all
>>>>> render the system unbootable.
>>>>> The boot cycle proceeds from sda1 without any errors but the tdm
>>>>> signon comes up with a black background rather the normal blue TDE
>>>>> one. When I logon I get an error message and TDE does not load,
>>>>> showing a problem with my home partition on sda5:
>>>>> Could not read connection list
>>>>> /home/lsm1/.DCOPserver_LSM1_0
>>>>> Please check that the "dcopserver" program is running
>>>>> When I hit Enter I then get:
>>>>> Could not start tdeinit, Check your installation.
>>>>> This problem is specific to TDE as I can still load the backup
>>>>> desktop LXQT by the usual logon from the TDE signon box.
>>>>> When I boot to the console and downgrade to binutils_2.27-9_amd64.deb
>>>>> everything works as usual on the reboot.
>>>>> If anyone has any possible solutions I'd be happy to try them out and
>>>>> report back.
>>>> Hi there,
>>>> when binutils is updated, it is necessary to rebuild (or use a rebuilt
>>>> version of) "dependencies/libr". Without doing so, trying to update
>>>> binutils will raise a conflict with tdelibs which in turns brings up a
>>>> long list of packages that needs to be "removed". After rebuilding and
>>>> installing the new libr, binutils can be updated without problem.
>>>> for those using TDE on Sid/stretch you have two choices:
>>>> 1) if you are building TDE yuorselves, just rebuild and install libr
>>>> 2) if you are using preliminary stable builds from Slavek's repo, wait
>>>> until libr is rebuilt and then update binutils at the same time.
>>>> After doing all that, I think you will not run into the issue mentioned
>>>> by McCarty. If you do so, just rebuild and reinstall tdelibs as well
>>>> from CLI.
>>>> Just for info, from time to time I run into the same issue (last time
>>>> was a few weeks ago) and rebuilding as described has always fixed the
>>>> problem so far (I think libr is enough, but since I do not remember
>>>> 100% I also recommended tdelibs is the problem persists).
>>>> Cheers
>>>>   Michele
>>> I can confirm that the rebuild 'libr' is sufficient. Previously it was
>>> dependent on binutils also tdebase == was necessary to rebuild tdebase.
>>> However, for R14.0.x this is no longer valid.
>>> I try to update 'libr' in preliminary stable builds repository as soon as
>>> I notice a change binutils in the Debian repository. However, then it is
>>> essential that users have properly updated lists from preliminary stable
>>> builds repository. Without that, it just can not work smoothly.
>>> Cheers
>> Thanks to all for the comprehensive advice. I usually find important
>> things through questions from others so I don't have to ask too many
>> things myself.
>> I updated to R14.0.5 PSB (I usually track PSB but just hadn't got to
>> it). Then I tried both of the latest binutils versions, debian testing
>> and unstable. The problem remains exactly as before. Is there any
>> further info I can provide?
>> Cheers!
> Siduction is based on Debian Sid. Therefore, for Trinity should be apt line as
> follows:
>   deb sid deps-r14 main-r14
> Current version of binutils in Sid is For this binutils
> version is in deps-r14 corresponding libr0 version 4:0.6.0-3debian9.0.0+4~b7.
> Please verify (for example, by aptitude), whether you have available just
> these versions.


Thanks for your usual excellent advice. Our messages are crossing out of 
sync. After receiving a series of helpful messages I noted how I 
resolved the problem a little while ago, marking the msessage RESOLVED.

I can confirm that the matching pairs of binutils and libr0 in both the 
testing (stretch) and unstable (Sid) repositories work with Trinity 
R14.0.5 and Siduction. I'm currently using the Sid versions.

I greatly appreciate you help and continued work on Trinity.

SENT BY: Lynn McCarty