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Month: January 2017

Re: [trinity-users] [UPDATE] End of Year Fundraiser Results cannot make payment

From: "Timothy Pearson" <kb9vqf@...>
Date: Fri, 6 Jan 2017 11:59:42 -0600
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> I would have liked to contribute to TDE but I could not log into my
> PayPal account.  The apparent reason is that my account is registered
> in Canada; whereas I am in Thailand for the next three months.  The
> questions raised by this odd behaviour who or what caused it and why.
> I have been in Thailand already for two months and made several Pay
> Pal payments with my Canadian account to purchase various goods and
> services domiciled in Europe and Asia.  Last evening I made several
> Skype calls to Pay Pal and spent over an hour last evening finally
> talking -- once I got beyond their useless voice mail response -- to
> five different Pay Pal people.  One told me that accouding to their
> 'system' my account was not blocked. Another thought that maybe
> because I was in Thailand I could not use my Canadian account there
> even though I had already done so.  The other three did not understand
> what I was talking about.  All is typical for what passes as 'service'
> these days, I suppose.
> As I mentioned most of my international payments while in Thailand
> were successful. One however was not -- a payment to a retailer in
> Thailand. It consequently seems possible to me that the presumptive
> receiver of the payment may be able to limit geographically the areas
> of the world from which he will accept payment -- possibly because of
> perceived shipping difficulties, risk of money laundering or other
> similar lame excuses.
> Is Trinity able to receive donations from everywhere regardless of the
> location of the payer, whether physically located in the country where
> his Pay Pal account originates or elsewhere?

There are no restrictions on the TDE PayPal account that I am aware of. 
I'd suspect some kind of undisclosed security "feature" in PayPal to
prevent donations being sent while you're out of the country -- in my
experience, PayPal is very reticent (or unable to) discuss such things.

For instance, I am aware of at least one transaction (not related to this
account) that required the PayPal user to log out and pay manually with
credit card via PayPal while not logged in (!).  I suppose you could try
that if you were wanting to use your card, otherwise you may just need to
wait until you're back.  We accept donations all year for TDE. :-)

Thanks again!

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