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Month: January 2017

Re: [trinity-users] Trinity can't see gtk-qt-engine

From: "Leslie Turriff" <jlturriff@...>
Date: Thu, 19 Jan 2017 04:24:50 +0100
On Sunday 15 January 2017 21:32:03 Felix Miata wrote:

> Neither you nor I have qtcurve-gtk2 installed, so I don't see how it could 
> be any issue. 
	I didn't think so.
> On my host gx745 42.2/TDE installation I get the same output as yours. In 
> your  TDE Control Center I see the fonts are some sort of serif selection,
> which is  not a default I've ever run across. Did you do that purposely 
> yourself, maybe via a theme selection? Maybe there is a theme compatibility 
> problem?  
	That is my choice of font; I find it easier to read than a sans-serif font.
> How did you get where you are? Is this a fresh 42.2 installation? Upgrade 
> from 42.1 or older? What kind of installation? Minimal X? KDE? XFCE? LXQT? 
> Other? Is  or was any of KDE3 installed? All of KDE3 must be eradicated for 
> TDE to properly  function.
	It is a new installation of OpenSuSE Leap 42.2 on a bare system.  I first 
installed a minimal image, then installed X, then Trinity.  I did it that way 
because I had considerable trouble on my old Leap 42.1 system getting rid of 
all of the KDE4 and KDE Plasma5 junk that always triy to take over my 
window-manager and display-manager.
> Maybe there is some other needed QT package missing. Here is a list of QT 
> packages I have working as expected on gx745: 
	Attached is a comparison of my system (on the left) and your list (on the 

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$ diff --side-by-side TrinityPrereqs.txt ~leslie/Documents/TrinityPrereqs.txt
tqt3-dev-tools-compat-3.5.0-14.0.4_1.oss422.x86_64            <
libdbus-tqt-1-0-0.63-14.0.4_1.oss422.x86_64                   <
libtqt4-devel-4.2.0-14.0.4_1.oss422.x86_64                    <
trinity-gtk-qt-engine-0.8-14.0.4_1.oss422.x86_64              <
python-qt4-4.11.4-3.35.x86_64                                 <
libtqt3-mt-sqlite3-3.5.0-14.0.4_1.oss422.x86_64               <
libdbus-1-tqt0-0.9-14.0.4_1.oss422.x86_64                       libdbus-1-tqt0-0.9-14.0.4_1.oss422.x86_64
trinity-gtk3-tqt-engine-0.5-14.0.4_1.oss422.x86_64            | libdbus-tqt-1-0-0.63-14.0.4_1.oss422.x86_64
libtqt3-mt-devel-3.5.0-14.0.4_1.oss422.x86_64                 | libqt4-4.8.6-14.1.x86_64
tqt3-designer-3.5.0-14.0.4_1.oss422.x86_64                    | libqt4-sql-4.8.6-14.1.x86_64
libpolkit-qt5-1-1-0.112.0-5.6.x86_64                          <
libqt4-x11-4.8.6-14.1.x86_64                                    libqt4-x11-4.8.6-14.1.x86_64
tqt3-examples-3.5.0-14.0.4_1.oss422.x86_64                    | libqt5-qtimageformats-5.6.1-1.2.x86_64
libpoppler-qt5-1-0.43.0-1.3.x86_64                            <
trinity-libpoppler-tqt-14.0.4-1.oss422.x86_64                 <
tqt3-apps-devel-3.5.0-14.0.4_1.oss422.x86_64                  <
libyui-qt7-2.46.24-1.2.x86_64                                 <
libphonon4qt5-4.9.0-2.6.x86_64                                <
libtqt3-mt-3.5.0-14.0.4_1.oss422.x86_64                         libtqt3-mt-3.5.0-14.0.4_1.oss422.x86_64
tqt3-assistant-3.5.0-14.0.4_1.oss422.x86_64                   <
trinity-libsvnqt-1.0.4-14.0.4_1.oss422.x86_64                 <
tqt3-dev-tools-3.5.0-14.0.4_1.oss422.x86_64                   <
libyui-qt-pkg7-2.45.6-1.5.x86_64                              <
tqt3-doc-3.5.0-14.0.4_1.oss422.x86_64                         <
tqt3-qtconfig-3.5.0-14.0.4_1.oss422.x86_64                    <
trinity-tdebase-libtqt3-integration-14.0.4-1.oss422.x86_64    <
libqt4-4.8.6-14.1.x86_64                                      <
libtqt4-4.2.0-14.0.4_1.oss422.x86_64                            libtqt4-4.2.0-14.0.4_1.oss422.x86_64
trinity-tde-style-qtcurve-0.55.2-14.0.4_1.oss422.x86_64       | libyui-qt-graph7-2.44.5-2.5.x86_64
                                                              > libyui-qt-pkg7-2.45.6-1.5.x86_64
                                                              > libyui-qt7-2.46.24-1.2.x86_64
                                                              > qt3-3.3.8c-137.5.x86_64
                                                              > qt5ct-0.27-1.1.x86_64
                                                              > trinity-gtk-qt-engine-0.8-14.0.3_1.oss421.x86_64
                                                              > trinity-gtk3-tqt-engine-0.5-14.0.3_1.oss421.x86_64
                                                              > trinity-tdebase-libtqt3-integration-14.0.3-1.oss421.x86_64
                                                              > vlc-qt-2.2.4-31.2.x86_64
yast2-control-center-qt-3.1.6-1.4.x86_64                        yast2-control-center-qt-3.1.6-1.4.x86_64
tqt3-linguist-3.5.0-14.0.4_1.oss422.x86_64                    / yast2-qt-branding-openSUSE-42.1-8.4.noarch
python-tqt-3.18.1-14.0.4_1.oss422.x86_64                      <
libqt4-sql-4.8.6-14.1.x86_64                                  <
tqt3-dev-tools-devel-3.5.0-14.0.4_1.oss422.x86_64             <
libdbusmenu-qt5-2-0.9.3+15.10.20150604-4.41.x86_64            <
tqt3-compat-headers-3.5.0-14.0.4_1.oss422.x86_64              <
libavahi-tqt1-0.6.30-14.0.4_1.oss422.x86_64                   <
sip4-tqt-4.10.5-14.0.4_1.oss422.x86_64                        <