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Month: January 2017

kmail can't send mail to my mail provider's SMTP server

From: "Leslie Turriff" <jlturriff@...>
Date: Tue, 24 Jan 2017 19:47:22 +0100
	Since migrating from my dying laptop to my new desktop machine, kmail refuses to send mail to my mail provider's servers, forcing me to use their webmail interface (yuk).  I have tinkered with the kmail configuration to no avail, and I've even tried copying the old kmailrc file over the new; but nothing works.
	Currently, when I attempt to upload mail, I see this message in the status area:

"Unrecognized transport protocol. Unable to send message."

During my struggles, I also saw, in a separate window, the attached security failure message.
	I have also attached snapshots of my SMTP configuration, and this link points to setup instructions for my mail provider's SMTP server:

	Neither of these messages gives me enough detail about the problem to know how to proceed.  I suspect something is corrupted in the kmail config, but deleting and replacing the Sending entry hasn't helped, nor has replacing the entire file with the working one from the old machine. has suggested that I change from using pop3 to imap (like that would help), and

> Please be advised to correct your server setting by using the information below:
> For IMAP Server:
> Incoming:
> [snip]
> Outgoing:
> Server:
> Port: 587
> Encryption: STARTTLS
> If "STARTTLS" is not available, please use the protocol "TLS". If this option is also not available simply activate "Encryption".

which has not helped.  Using kmail's "Check what the server supports" sets TLS and PLAIN.  I'm guessing that TLS = STARTTLS, and SSH = Encryption.  The config on my old system has SSH and PLAIN set.  Neither of these works on my new system.
	Any suggestions are welcome.

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