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Month: June 2017

Re: [trinity-users] Update trouble

From: Thierry de Coulon <tdecoulon@...>
Date: Sat, 24 Jun 2017 22:19:48 +0200
On Saturday 24 June 2017 16.29:33 Sl�vek Banko wrote:
> Are you sure SolydK is rolling distribution? 

Maybe that's not the exact description, but from what they explain there is 
no "jessie" edition and there will be no "stretch" version. AUtomatic update 
is supposed to bring us from 8.x to 9.0

> Devuan 1.0 (Jessie) is definitely based on Jessie and can be used with TDE
> for Jessie. 

But using synaptic or aptitude to update packages now says it's going to 
remove TDE (same behaviour in SolydK and Devuan; this is *new*, until now it 
worked with no problem).

> Did you get all apt lists properly?

I changed nothing and did and apt-get update before looking for package 

I can imagine something is foul in my lists, but they were OK on tuesday and 
they were no more on friday, without any change.

> Cheers