New hardware and new install.  Ryzen 1600, ASUS B350 Prime Plus, BIOS 0803, Ubuntu 16.04 with kernel-4.10.0-041000-lowlatency, and of course TDE R14.0.4 and it  does dual boot into Win 10, but I seriously, seriously hate Win10 after using XP

Aggravating issues, about Trinity but I keep plugging on. I won't file bug reports , because of all of NEW HARDWARE  issues. I'm mainly just looking for confirmation of these problems.

1.  Trinity Control Center / Monitor & Display  when Brightness and Gamma are changed, It does not save the settings beyond the current session, even when logged in as root.  When you log out,  the background on the TDM login screen even shows the settings returned to default.  (System file permissions somewhere?)

2.  When I logout, any active Konsole windows that were open are not saved and all setting are lost. ( again, System file Permissions ?) once in a while, when saving the desktop on logout, an error message will popup but closes so fast ya can't read it.

3. System Guard Network sensors are dead  (bug 2398) probably brought on by Systemd changes of hardware naming.( no more eth0, wlan0)

4. Network Icon in system Tray used to show connect speed or wifi signal strength text, gone.  (Could be one my settings)

One odd one, I had to change permissions on /sys to 775 along with sub directories. I think it had to do with SCP. that was 2 weeks ago. so I'm not real sure of this one.

There are a few other issues, but I think they belong to AMD, ASUS and BIOS. (such as Xorg using so much processor power, and not knowing if this setup is using all of the cores)

Because of the NEW hardware and this being the first time with R14.0.4 version, I don't know if prior versions of Trinity have these problems.

I've been using Trinity since Tim started the project, so I'm not new to this debug fight process. Does trinity and it's apps have log files to look at? I can only find a tdm.log

I've loaded Xubuntu on a different partition, but has it's own issues without Trinity loaded. If I get it to run with fewer lockup issues (kernel), I'll try an older version of Trinity after I check Xorg processor usage.