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Month: July 2017

Re: [trinity-users] tiny fonts (was: color issue solved)

From: Felix Miata <mrmazda@...>
Date: Sun, 30 Jul 2017 23:25:47 -0400
dep composed on 2017-07-30 22:55 (UTC-0400):

> well. in kcontrol  > Appearance & Themes > GTK Styles and Fonts it's 
> possible to employ different themes for GTK2 and GTK3 applications, and 
> this fixes the menu color problem.

> What I haven't been able to fix is the tiny fonts problem in TDE 
> applications. Additionally, my cursor, in all its variants, has become 
> *huge.* 
> Very strange indeed. And it came about from first unchecking and then 
> rechecking Appearance & Themes > Colors > Apply colors to non-TDE 
> applications.
> How can this be?
If you open

in Firefox, what is reported for DPI?

What does

	$ xrdb -query | grep dpi


You could try logging out of TDE, logging in on a vtty or in a different type of
WM session, backing up ~/.trinity/share/config/kdeglobals, then deleting it and
logging back into TDE. You'll lose some TDE customizations by having TDE create
a new one from scratch, but no user data would be lost, and you can restore the
backup if the deletion does not help.
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