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Month: August 2017

Re: [trinity-users] tiny fonts problem revisited

From: Felix Miata <mrmazda@...>
Date: Thu, 3 Aug 2017 02:17:44 -0400
Felmon Davis composed on 2017-08-03 00:57 (UTC-0400):

> I'm also suffering a tiny fonts problem on an Asus Ux330u with an QHD 
> screen. the fonts on the taskbar (kicker) and the font on the menu 
> window of Trinity Control Center' are miniscule as are fonts on 
> applications like LibreOffice, GIMP, Pan, etc. as far as I can tell, 
> it affects all apps, whether Gnome or KDE.

> the thing also boots to Gnome (Gnome or so-called Debian Desktop 
> Environment and Cinnamon) and to Windows 10, no problem with fonts. if 
> I were only sure which config files to steal from Gnome!

> xdpyinfo |grep -B2 resolution -->
> dimensions: 3200x1800 pixels (846x476 millimeters)
> resolution: 96x96 dots per inch

> I've tried various settings in fonts enabling and disabling dpi. does 
> seem to do best with
> Enabled
> 120 DPI

> using exegnu version.

What version of GTK3 does EXEGNU use? If > 3.16, you might be experiencing:
and some of its progeny, such as:

Setting DPI in your TDE Control Center's fonts menu should produce the following
on your system:

	# xrdb --query | grep dpi
	Xft.dpi	120

Xft.dpi does not apply to all of Xorg and Xorg applications. To enjoy 120 DPI in
all of Xorg, 120 must be applied /to/ Xorg. There are various ways to do that. I
do it globally in one of two ways:

1-setting DisplaySize in /etc/X11/xorg.conf*

2-xrandr in a global startup script somewhere in /etc/X11/.

For those using a proprietary NVidia video driver, there exists an explicit dpi
option for the xorg.conf its installation created. An alternate method I do not
employ is finding the xinit script that actually starts Xorg and editing the
start line to include the desired DPI value.

Done correctly, xdpyinfo will also report 120.

Also if done correctly, and GTK3 version is 3.16.x or less, the global Xorg DPI
setting will make the TDE Control Center DPI setting redundant, thus
unnecessary. If GTK3 is >3.16.x, then Xft.dpi will ultimately need to be set to
match the desired setting, which can be done in /etc/X11/*Xresources or
.Xresources as well as indirectly in TDE Control Center DPI.

I don't know why TDE Control Center DPI has only the three choices, but setting
Xft.dpi through other means offers choosing any arbitrary value, e.g. 168, 133,
220, etc. Global Xorg DPI is similarly unlimited.
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