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Month: August 2017

Re: [trinity-users] Mageia 6 crash on login, can't start desktop

From: Felix Miata <mrmazda@...>
Date: Sun, 6 Aug 2017 18:58:13 -0400
Tim Williams composed on 2017-08-06 20:57 (UTC+0100):

> Felix Miata wrote:
>> The mga6 Xorg server version has the modesetting driver incorporated, moved from
>> being a separate driver package as of 1.17.x. Eradicating NVidia and
>> x11-driver-video-nouveau (and remembering to get nomodeset off the kernel
>> cmdline) to let it be used might be worth trying.

> There's no sign of nomodeset in the boot parameters. 

Maybe latest NVidia drivers have been updated to utilize KMS and I just haven't
heard about it yet? AFAIK, NVidia's Xorg drivers require KMS be disabled.

> I'll see if any clues turn up, although I'm tempted to try the spare HD
> first.

> For reference, running ksmserver with gdb gives the following, which may
> or may not be relevant:

> Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
> 0x00007ffff4c196a0 in TQString::TQString(TQString const&) ()
>    from /lib64/ 

On a 32bit mga6 installation on host gx27b with rv200 Radeon gfx (very old) and
14.0.4 from mga5 sources, last updated 19 June, during urpmi --autoselect I got
	4/36 removing trinity-ksmserver-14.04-1.mga5
Usage: chksession [OPTION]
	-F --first:...
	-t, --test:...
	-l, --list: List window managers
	-L:	List window managers including the order number
	-d=DIR, --dir=DIR: Specifies a directory of w-m configuration files
	-x=ENTRY, --xsession=ENTRY: Produce windows-managers script of ENTRY.
	-h, --help:...

warning: %postun(trinity-ksmserver-14.0.4-1.mga5) scriptlet failed exit status 1
ERROR: 'script' failed for trinity-ksmserver-14.0.4-1.mga5
	5/36: removing trinity-ksysguard...

Trying to run TDE session via startx in Xorg starts, but
immediately exits with:

	Closing log file.: line1: TDE: command not \
	foundxinit: connection to X server lost.

xinit and xinitrc are installed.

Booted to I can login in TDM (with UseTheme=no configured) and
get a working TDE session.
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