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Month: August 2017

konqueror: "Block images from this site"

From: Marvin Jones <mailserver@...>
Date: Sat, 12 Aug 2017 12:29:16 -0600 (MDT)
Well, I screwed up and clicked this option in error after
right-clicking on an image (planning instead to click "View Image.)

And, it just happened to be ONE OF MY OWN WEB SITES!  sigh...

Well, no problem, right?  I just go into one of the menu dropdowns,
select the appropriate function. and delete the web site from the list
(which otherwise should be totally empty anyway.)

No joy.  No such dropdown --> function that gets me there.

	konqueror 3.5.10

In doing a web search, I believe what I want is

	Tools --> Manage Images

 ... or the somesuch.

However I have _NO_ Tools --> Manage Images.
My Tools dropdown contains
   Find file ...   <<-greyed out
   HTML Settings
   Translate web page
   Archive web page
   Change browser identification

I can find no way to "Manage Images" in konqueror

Ok.  Then I need to hack some .cfg or .rc file I suppose.
Which file ... where?
(Doing a recursive grep did not reveal any such file.)
(Or else, my grep-fu is inadequate.)

(I guess I could change my domain name ... :-)

Many thanks in advance!