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Month: August 2017

Re: [trinity-users] Displays ... again ...

From: Felix Miata <mrmazda@...>
Date: Mon, 14 Aug 2017 14:47:10 -0400
Peter Laws composed on 2017-08-14 11:41 (UTC-0500):
1-arandr should configure specific to each individual user running TDE

2-xrandr in a startup script can configure either to one user or globally

3-xorg.conf* can do the same as xrandr in a startup script

4-screen configuration in TDE Control Center has been reported to be functional
in recent weeks here.

What does xrandr in a terminal report?

Is there a firmware package for NVidia hardware that needs to be installed?

Do either 'dmesg | grep fail' or 'systemctl | grep fail' provide clues?

The nouveau Xorg driver is a separate package. The modesetting driver is
integrated in 1.17.x+ servers. Fedora and Debian not terribly long ago changed
the default for NVidia hardware to using the modesetting driver. In any event,
Xorg should be using the modesetting automatically if neither NVidia nor Nouveau
drivers are installed, if the NVidia hardware is not too new to be supported.

According to Wikipedia, the M2000 was released 2016-04-08. CentOS 7 provides
server 1.17.2, which is older, and kernel 3.10, which is much older. The OP
reports your system had been working with proprietary NVidia drivers. Could it
be that that was because required M2000 support in FOSS hadn't been backported
to CentOS7?
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