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Month: September 2017

Re: [trinity-users] Mageia 6 crash on login, can't start desktop

From: wofgdkncxojef@...
Date: Fri, 8 Sep 2017 03:13:07 +0200

On Thursday 07 September 2017 21:09:00 Tim Williams wrote:
> Work and other commitments have prevented me from following this up for
> the past month, but I still have this problem, I've been making do with
> XFCE for the past month.
> To re-cap, I have 3 PC's (Desktop, Laptop and Media Centre) running
> Mageia Linux and Trinity. All three were upgraded from Mageia 5 to 6 in
> August. All 3 ran Trinity perfectly on Mageia 5. After the upgrade to 6,
> Trinity continues to run perfectly on my Laptop and Media Centre, but
> now crashes on login running on my desktop. The KSMserver crashes, but
> the desktop drops back to the login screen before I can get the full
> debug message out of it.
> At the time of my last post, I'd done the following tests:
> - Clean install of Magiea 6, using Nvidia driver, crashes.
> - Clean install of Magiea 6, using Nouveau driver, crashes.
> - Clean install of Magiea 6, using framebuffer driver, crashes.
> If I login using XFCE and try to run
> starttde, then I get same behaviour and again, the crash handler
> vanishes before I can get at anything useful. I see the following at the
> command prompt:
> [starttde] Starting starttde.
> [starttde] This script is /opt/trinity/bin/starttde
> [starttde] TDE version is R14.0.4
> [starttde] TDE base directory is /opt/trinity
> [starttde] TDEHOME is not set.
> [starttde] Set TDEHOME to /home/timw/.trinity.
> [starttde] Setting TDEROOTHOME to /root/.trinity.
> [starttde] XDG_DATA_DIRS: /opt/trinity/share:/usr/local/share:/usr/share
> Start gpg-agent
> gpg-agent[18838]: /home/timw/.gnupg/gpg-agent.conf:4: obsolete option
> "use-standard-socket" - it has no effect
> gpg-agent: a gpg-agent is already running - not starting a new one
> End start gpg-agent
> [starttde] TDEDIR: /opt/trinity
> [starttde] TDEDIRS:
> [starttde] Starting Trinity...
> [starttde] Trinity hardware control dbus daemon running.
> [tdebuildsycoca] tdebuildsycoca running...
> [dcopserver] DCOP Cleaning up dead connections.
> [starttde] TDE_FULL_SESSION: true
> [starttde] TDE_SESSION_UID: 500
> [tdeinit] Shutting down running client.
> ---------------------------------
> [dcopserver] It looks like dcopserver is already running. If you are sure
> that it is not already running, remove /home/timw/.DCOPserver_baa.sheep__0
> and start dcopserver again.
> ---------------------------------
> [kded] Daemon (kded) is already running.
> [tdebuildsycoca] tdebuildsycoca running...
> [tdebuildsycoca] Reusing existing tdesycoca.
> tdeio (KService*): WARNING: Invalid Service : khtmlimage.desktop
> [dcopserver] DCOP Cleaning up dead connections.
> [starttde] tdeinit started successfully.
> [kcrash] TDECrash: Application 'ksmserver' crashing...
> [starttde] Shutting down Trinity...
> [tdelauncher] Exiting on signal 1
> [starttde] Running Trinity shutdown scripts...
> [starttde] Running /home/timw/.trinity/shutdown/
> Stop ssh-agent
> unset SSH_AUTH_SOCK;
> unset SSH_AGENT_PID;
> echo Agent pid 18843 killed;
> Finish stop ssh-agent
> [starttde] Trinity shutdown complete.
> For reference, running ksmserver with gdb (having logged in with XFCE)
> gives the following, which may or may not be relevant:
> Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
> 0x00007ffff4c196a0 in TQString::TQString(TQString const&) ()
>    from /lib64/
> Since my last post, I have also done the following:
> - a clean install of Fedorea 26, using Nvidia driver, Trinity runs OK on
> this set up
> - Unpluging all my add on cards and USB devices (except essentials), to
> no avail.
> - Recompiled the relevant rpm which contains the ksmserver just in case
> there was an issue on the build host.
> Also, most Trinity programmes run just fine when started under XFCE.
> So I'm now at a real loss to understand why Trinity crashes on one of my
> computers using one particular distro version and is OK in all other
> circumstances. My assumption is that it might be a combination of a
> library issue and the fact that it's the only one of my PC's with an AMD
> chip. However I'm now at a bit of an impasse if this can't be fixed
> soon, since it means that either I need to change distros (with no
> certainty that the offending library bug won't get incorporated into the
> next Fedora release) or switch to a new desktop.
> Is there anyway I can get a more meaningful error message out of this? I
> am a software engineer by profession, but C/C++ isn't one of my many
> languages so I only have a basic understanding of it. However, I'd
> settle for a simple bodge which allows ksmserver to get past whatever is
> causing the crash so that the desktop starts up, even if there are some
> knock on effects (as long as they aren't too severe).
> All help much appreciated!
> Tim W

in /opt/trinity/bin/starttde
at line 787, put a large number.
when it crashes, you'll see what it does
and what drkonqi has to say about it.
Maybe it even works properly....