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Month: October 2017


From: "Dr. Nikolaus Klepp" <office@...>
Date: Mon, 9 Oct 2017 19:38:59 +0200
Hi all!

I'm using FVWM togather with TDE applications on FreeBSD. Things work quite nice for some months now (thanks Slavec!). There is just one thing I could not figure out: 

When starting a full TDE session with "starttde", then klicking on a *.pdf in kmail starts kpdf. "kcontrol" start with all modules. 

When I start kmail without "starttde" - from xterm under fvwm for example - then klicking on a *.pdf in kmail results in a dialog popping up ("What application ..."). "kcontrol" starts with an empty splitscreen window, no modules visible.

I took a look into tdeinit, but I obviousely missed a vital part. This is what I tried:

$ TDEHOME=$HOME/.trinity
$ TDEROOTHOME=/root/.trinity
$ TDEDIR=/opt/trinity
$ tdeinit_shutdown
$ tdeinit
$ kmail

Now there is something missing, as klicking on a *.pdf does not open kpdf. When I start "starttde" with fvwm running, then the whole tde session is restored including panels, kdesktop etc., which is what I do not want in this environment.

So, any idea what I could do to get kmail working whithout "starttde"?


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