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Month: October 2017

bitmap fonts in TDE, devuan & freebsd

From: "Dr. Nikolaus Klepp" <office@...>
Date: Sun, 15 Oct 2017 10:26:14 +0200
Hi all!

I just run into another interesting thing that I do not know how to solve - and it's most likely not connected to TDE, but anyway:

Ages ago (~ 2004) there were a number of bitmap fonts available in debian. I remember epic fights to replace them with TTF fonts. Some days ago I tried to get bitmaped fonts into devuan - and failed miserably. 

The situation on FreeBSD is this: bitmaped fonts (e.g. gamow_08_m_r.pcf.gz frim lfpfonts-fix) and ttf fonts (as any other fonts) coexist perfectly well in X11. In any application (TDE/OpenSCAD/Scintilla/Terminator/... ) I can select e.g. "Gamow". The font "Gamow" comes from the "Linux Font Project", so I suspected it's present on devuan as well.

Now the situation on devuan is quite different: There are only some bitmap fonts available, none of these are selectable in X11 for TDE/OpenSCAD/Scintilla/Terminator/... - but I can see them with "xfontsel". Also it seams that the "Linux Font Project"-fonts are not in the archives anymore.

I tried to add "gamow_08_m_r.pcf.gz" by hand using TDE, but the font installation failed. I tried to install it by copying the font to ~/.fonts, but the font does not show up. "mkfontdir" in ~/.fonts creates a fonts.dir with the entry "gamow_08_m_r.pcf.gz -lfp-gamow-medium-r-normal--8-80-75-75--80-iso8859-1", but the only X11 application that sees this font is "xfontsel".

So, is there a way to get bitmaped fonts back?


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