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Month: March 2018

Re: [trinity-users] Help Icon Issue

From: "Danny W. Burdick" <burdick@...>
Date: Sun, 11 Mar 2018 11:54:24 -0400
I can't really analyze your problem but this is what I know (and do):

- I prefer the "KDE Classic Icon Theme" but not some of it's icons (the
network icon for instance). So I created my own theme by copying the few
icons I wanted from one theme to the other.

- So, everytime I install TDE somewhere, I need to transport my Icon set.
Which is actually very easy:

copy the (modified) directory from /opt/trinity/share/icons  (so it would be
the Crystalsvg directory for you) to /some/backup/location. In my case it's
on a nfs share.

after a new install, use konqueror as filemanager (super user mode) to copy
that directory in /opt/trinity/share/icons

select the correct icon theme in trinity control center.

Never has any trouble.

So if I were at you place, I'd delete everything in /opt/trinity/share/icons,
copy back the icon directories (I can let you grab a copy) and that should do
the trick.


I will install one new set and check everything but I'd rather know why than
just fix it if I can...tnx