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Month: March 2018

advice for completion of a stunt

From: dep <dep@...>
Date: Thu, 15 Mar 2018 21:13:07 -0400
so, to see if i could do it, i've flashed ubuntu 13.04 to a 2012 asus nexus 
tablet. to my surprise, wifi and such work. *not* to my surprise, i hate 
hate hate the ubuntu default desktop and want to replace it as soon as i 

after some poking around (made more interesting by an onscreen keyboard 
that comes and goes as it wishes, irrespective of whether text needs to be 
entered, which is annoying when you don't need it and maddening when you 
do), i got a terminal running and sought to install some of the 
essentials. (by tradition, the first thing i install on a new linux system 
is mc, because it is the best tool to get me out of whatever trouble i get 
myself into.) and i discovered that all the repositories are now 404. am 
hoping to find someplace where they are archived so as to severely edit my 
sources list and get, among other things, tde. the corresponding debian 
distro is raring.

it does sort of run (though about half the stuff is canonical trying to 
sell me music and stuff, which i think they've stopped doing anyway) but 
without a decent desktop i can't imagine how i can put it through its 
paces. and yes, the icons are tiny, beyond the fact that ubuntu touch 
kinds sucks in general. in tde i can make the icons bigger.

i'm hoping to justify the expenditure of time . . . and tun tde on a 

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