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Month: March 2018

Re: [trinity-users] age & health & weight

From: wofgdkncxojef@...
Date: Mon, 19 Mar 2018 00:22:26 +0100

On Sunday 18 March 2018 08:57:56 William Morder wrote:
> On Sunday 18 March 2018 00:43:45 Felix Miata wrote:
> > William Morder composed on 2018-03-17 07:42 (UTC-0700):
> > > Also, drink lots of water, and eat fresh fruit. I got that from
> > > somebody long ago who lost something like 200 lbs, and it does work.
> > > But then, I need to get with it myself again.
> >
> > I was past 60 when I lost 24% of my body weight in 16 months purely by
> > smart food shopping. That was over 3 years ago and I haven't gained any
> > back. When you don't have what you shouldn't eat, you eat what you
> > should, or nothing.
> >
> > I used what and how to eat recommendations from the following who either
> > wrote books or have web sites or both:
> >
> > 	Don Colbert MD
> > 	Joel Fuhrman MD
> > 	Steven Pratt MD
> > 	Dr Mark Hyman
> > 	Dr Steven Masley
> > 	Dr David Perlmutter
> > 	Dr Daniel G Amen
> >
> > Some of these show up on PBS and/or TBN TV occasionally, which is how I
> > was originally exposed to 6 of those 7.
> I have been trying out a very old method that seems to be coming back:
> fasting, but modified according to my own life and limitations. Not an
> absolute fast, but most days I find I can live quite contentedly on raw
> fruits and vegetables, and maybe a little bread. (I bake my own whole grain
> sourdough.) If I crave protein, there are always non-meat sources, like
> beans, legumes, nuts, and so on.
> All those ancient sages who went off to live in the wilderness, absorbed in
> meditation and fasting, and then lived to 90 or 100 years: maybe they were
> on to something. There were a couple shows on PBS about this so-called
> fasting diet; but like I said, it is only reducing calorie intake for most
> of the week (maybe 4 or 5 days) then having real meals on the other two
> days.
> Long ago I read a book, *Diet for a Small Planet*, by Frances Moore Lappe
> (I think there's an accent in her last name). Beans and whole grain rice,
> for example, make a complete protein; the same for other combinations, like
> hummus and pita bread, or even peanut butter and whole grain bread
> (although not so much protein in peanut butter by itself). I'm not a
> vegetarian, but I try to cut back on the meat.
> Then a couple times a week, I have a bigger meal, with actual meat. I avoid
> fried foods, don't smoke, and generally eat pretty healthy. My only real
> vice is coffee, so I splurge and make sure it's really good coffee.
> My problem is how to get exercise while living in a part of the city that
> is all concrete. If I just got more exercise, I think I would be doing
> great, but my circumstances are not good. Still, everything changes, and
> things are slowly getting better again.
> Bill

Yes, all this are very relevant to trinity -_-
the mods should spank you :P

I didn't bother to read all the previous stuff
But i'll mention complications with losing weight...

When the body lacks energy, and needs it fast
it will burn MUSCLE!!!!
it burns fat slowly....
When you exercise, you DON'T try to lose calories
You try to build muscle,
this way your metabolism at rest increases
and burn fat faster.
When exercising, you take extra sugar to avoid burning muscle
You can tell if you burned muscle, your piss has a chemical smells 
Also, if you are very fat. The body will detect that you lost say.... 20 
kilos, it will try to resist, because it thinks you are dying. You should be 
losing large weights in smaller increments with some time between the 
increments, so that the body consider the new weight as normal....
And also, you should be psychologically fine (not depressed).

In short:
cut all fats
take sugar only when you need to give physical effort
eat plenty of proteins and vegetables.
exercise to build muscles, short bursts of lots of force(body building, lift 
weights, pushups , don't use the elevator etc...).
Losing weight just by dieting is too difficult....
Don't lose more then 1 kg a week.
If you are really very fat, do it in small increments.