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Month: August 2011

Re: [trinity-users] up-to-date distros that include Trinity KDE pre-installed?

From: C W <elcaseti@...>
Date: Sat, 6 Aug 2011 12:53:58 -0700
Thanks David.  Exe GNU/Linux looks like a good project.  I will try
it.  Any chance of a PCLinuxOS-type version of Exe GNU/Linux someday?
In other words, a version that includes Adobe Flash, proprietary
fimware, libdvdcss, etc pre-installed.


On 8/6/11, David Hare <davidahare@...> wrote:
> On 06/08/11 01:35, C W wrote:
>> Hi
>> I love KDE4&  KDE 3.  I recently tried Porteus GNU/Linux which comes
>> with Trinity KDE pre-installed.  It is an up-to-date distro, not one
>> or two years old.  Porteus with Trinity is awesome&  very fast, the
>> only problem is it is not designed to be installed to a hard drive in
>> a traditional sense.  It's only meant to be used as a liveCD or live
>> USB drive or live off of the hard drive.  What are some distros that
>> include Trinity KDE pre-installed?  Ideally, ones that have a liveDVD
>> or liveCD option would be best.  Thanks very much.
>> Cheers,
>> Elcaset
> Not many yet. I maintain Exe GNU/Linux.
> It's Debian Squeeze based, defaults to a customised Trinity, has also
> LXDE and is installable. It's still somewhat experimental but much
> improved since details were posted in this mailing list some months back.
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