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Month: March 2018

Re: Re: my vanishing root partition

From: deloptes <deloptes@...>
Date: Thu, 22 Mar 2018 00:38:50 +0100
William Morder wrote:

> By the way, on the Trinity pages, there is nowhere that it describes how
> to do a minimal installation (without other DEs), and just go straight to
> TDE. It is probably there somewhere, but as others have also mentioned,
> the site is a little disorganized, I think due to the fact that pages are
> added on an ad hoc basis, and also that it's pretty much a volunteer
> project without the resources of the bigger names. I realize that
> redesigning the site is a big job, but maybe a link (on the home page) to
> a site map would be a good place to start?

installing the base system is not part of TDE.
It is very simple, I usually pick up the debian network installation disk or
usb image and when asked for system type I do not select anything except

there many online step by step guides - example

> For myself, I always used either the Trinity installation discs, or more
> usually I would install one of the 'buntus, then use the guide for
> installing TDE; so when I moved to Debian, I followed the same guide. If
> there were a clearly marked place with instructions for minimal
> installation, I might have saved myself a lot of time. Again, I believe
> that a lot of potential Trinity users give up, because those who know
> already know, and they can only be found here on the mailing list. Those
> who don't know (I mean the total n00bs) don't know where to look, nor who
> to ask for help, and the questions discussed on the mailing list are
> probably over their heads.

look at step 13 "Now select which components you want to install, choose
only standard system utilities if you want a minimal install"

> On my root partition, however, I have other stuff installed in opt, such
> as Seamonkey and OpenOffice (don't like LibreOffice, as it messes up my
> documents). Also, other software that I have tried out (such as the
> Vivaldi browser) use the opt folder. (I don't currently use Vivaldi, but I
> like to try out different things, then get rid of them again if I don't
> like them.) So for my purposes, it's probably good to have a root
> partition that's larger than normal, just so I have some wiggle room. I
> don't really use the home partition for saving anything, anyway;
> everything there is moved to external drives as soon as possible.

Backup that directory, when installing assign dedicated partition ( trinity
requires about 1G, I would count with 2G for trinity) so based on your
current size you can easily calculate the space.

If you have trinity already there, you can remove it (rm -rf ) after
restoring from backup and before installing new trinity desktop.

On my desktop root is 20G with 6.7G used, opt is bigger with a lot of custom
stuff, but as mentioned trinity would cope with anything above 2G very well

I put all of this on luks and LVM and now even installer can do it right.