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Month: March 2018

how to ask questions

From: William Morder <doctor_contendo@...>
Date: Sat, 24 Mar 2018 07:58:56 -0700

On Saturday 24 March 2018 05:30:49 deloptes wrote:
> I was thinking a while if I should answer this - I mean, start looking for
> answer yourself as I don't feel to be a babysitter or put questions forward
> if you search for an answer for lets say 30 minutes and can not find any
> usable.
> Of course everybody is free to ask or answer ... but I think you are asking
> too much without listening and this is the motivation to write this,
> because I told you to remove all that was not custom installed from /opt,
> but you talk too much and listen too little. This is pure chaos.
> Ask a definite question, complete the task and close the topic, after this
> open new topic.
> From the length of the discussion I can conclude that the question was
> vague and it went off topic too much.
> Just close this question with "my vanishing root partition" and open
> another on how to proceed with /opt on new install
> regards
Actually, I've been done with "my vanishing root partition" for several days 
now. Other people have answered, and so I continue the thread, and ought to 
have stopped when it went off-topic. 

You might not have noticed, but I've been more or less offline for most of the 
past week, while rebuilding my system. I made a few replies when I briefly 
came back online. 

I always search online first for answers to my tech questions, usually for 
weeks or even months, for how to resolve problems, and otherwise I have lots 
of books on Linux. Only after I have failed to find answers do I ask here on 
the mailing list. My problem is not lack of searching, but rather that I 
don't know quite how to ask the questions, because I am not really a geek. I 
have only made myself into a kind of semi-demi-geek out of necessity, because 
I cannot do otherwise. 

About July or August of 2017 I installed Debian and Trinity, and I've 
participated actively in the mailing list only since about November 2017, 
once I had got TDE up and running fairly smoothly. Now I am just trying to 
iron out the kinks. 

I always ran KDE3, and haven't found a DE to compare with it, but changing to 
Debian and Trinity takes a little more effort than running a ready-made 
system. And by the way, I think the developers are doing a great job, and 
I've watched Trinity improve over the years; I only wish it were easier to 
find information. Then you wouldn't be bothered by my questions, as I would 
rather read than to have exchanges like this. 

In hopes that I might learn something, if I picked the brains of people who 
know more than I, I put my questions to the group. Now, if you could kindly 
tell me how properly to ask questions, I would be most obliged. I don't know 
how else to learn but to ask, and I only ask when I haven't been able to find 
the answers on my own. 

"Those who know do not speak, 
and those who speak do not know." 

Regarding listening: I tried all the applicable suggestions that other put 
forward, in trying to sort out this problem. However, I will save my specific 
questions for a separate post under a different heading. 

You are right, though, about it veering off-topic. Sorry about that, and I 
ought to have either put the matter to rest or made a different heading; but 
again, I was in the middle of rebuilding my system, you see. 

I am just trying to learn, and the only way I know how to ask is just to ask. 


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