greets, everybody . . .

i'm trying to set up dnscrypt on my desktop and laptop machines, both of which are running tde atop ubuntu 14.04. (i know. one of these days, when i have a week, i'll move 'em both over to full debian.) the tutorials i've found on this make assumptions as to desktop utilities that i think are not tde. to wit:

Open the session and startup manager and add the following to the Application Autostart Menu.
sudo dnscrypt-proxy -R opendns -a -u dnscrypt

what in tde corresponds to the "session and startup manager"?

there's a gui for dnscript-proxy, but there's no binary for it and i don't have time to sort out dependencies (up to and including QT5), and given the changes that have come to linux since last i much tinkered with its innards i have no idea where one can even insert dna nameservers anymore -- the old places now all get overwritten at boot. grr.

now an actual on-topic question: i remember when i upgraded to 14.04 in late 2016, i was told that there were problems getting tde to work happily atop 16.04. is this still the case, or am i safe un upgrading to a newer ubuntu while keeping tde?



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