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Month: April 2018

Re: [trinity-users] Re: [Users] Strange messages at startup for one account

From: Leslie Turriff <jlturriff@...>
Date: Tue, 24 Apr 2018 20:47:23 -0500
	The output is a little different, but the results are just as 
disappointing. :-(
	I particularly find the statement, "Please exercise appropriate action." 


$ r14-xdg-update
[r14-xdg-update] Performing a profile update for Trinity release R14 XDG 
[r14-xdg-update] To run this script against a different user directory, or 
[r14-xdg-update] from within another script, pass the directory path as a 
[r14-xdg-update] For example: r14-xdg-update /home/user_dir
[r14-xdg-update] Use the user home directory and not the profile directory.
[r14-xdg-update] User directory: /home/leslie
[r14-xdg-update] Profile directory: /home/leslie/.kde
[r14-xdg-update] The r14-xdg-update script has been run at least once.
[r14-xdg-update] The error code is 9.

[r14-xdg-update] You are running this script from while a Trinity session is 

Most files can be updated "live" but some cannot, such as kdeglobals.

This script might complete successfully and might not.

Trinity R14 XDG compliance updates have been interrupted.

Without R14 XDG compliance updates, some Trinity apps will fail to
function properly.

Failures include the following:

* Many left-side icon lists will not populate,
  such as the Panel and Konqueror configuration dialogs.

* User-defined keyboard shortcuts fail (khotkeysrc).
  System defined shortcuts remain functional.

* User-defined app preferences fail (profilerc).

* Konqueror navigation/sidebar panel won't open.

* User-defined konqueror service menus, kicker customization,
* konqueror sidebar, Recent Documents list fail.

Please exercise appropriate action.
Continue? (y/n): y

[r14-xdg-update] Updating temp file locations.
[r14-xdg-update] Renaming the temporary cache directory.
[r14-xdg-update] Creating a sym link for the temporary cache directory.
[r14-xdg-update] Updating references of temporary paths.
[r14-xdg-update] Updating references of /opt/trinity/share/applications/kde to 
[r14-xdg-update] Updating references of kconf to tdeconf.
[r14-xdg-update] Updating user-defined keyboard shortcuts in khotkeysrc.
[r14-xdg-update] Updating some text strings in khotkeysrc.
[r14-xdg-update] Updating some text strings in kglobalshortcutsrc.
[r14-xdg-update] Updating user-defined app preferences in profilerc.
[r14-xdg-update] Updating kicker/panel customizations in kickerrc.
[r14-xdg-update] Updating system tray icons in systemtray_panelappletrc.
[r14-xdg-update] Updating katerc.
[r14-xdg-update] Updating kwriterc.
[r14-xdg-update] keditrc does not exist.
[r14-xdg-update] quantarc does not exist.
[r14-xdg-update] Updating tdeveloprc.
[r14-xdg-update] Updating khelpcenterrc.
[r14-xdg-update] Updating kateui.rc.
[r14-xdg-update] katepartui.rc does not exist.
[r14-xdg-update] kwriteui.rc does not exist.
[r14-xdg-update] ktexteditor_kdatatool does not exist.
[r14-xdg-update] ark_part.rc does not exist.
[r14-xdg-update] Updating Quick Launch applet.
[r14-xdg-update] Quick Launch is not installed.
[r14-xdg-update] Updating Quanta Plus plugins.rc.
[r14-xdg-update] Quanta Plus plugins.rc does not exist.
[r14-xdg-update] Updating Autostart files.
[r14-xdg-update] Validating KDED services.
[r14-xdg-update] Update sessions.
[r14-xdg-update] Updating TDENewStuff providers and status.
[r14-xdg-update] Renaming some configuration files and directories.
[r14-xdg-update] Updating profile *.desktop files.

On 2018-04-24 20:39:48 Kate Draven wrote:
> OK try it again but as the user, not root.
> Let me know how it goes.
> Cheers lad or lass,
> Kate
> >       It looks like it worked (see below) but I logged out of the account
> > and
> then
> > back in, and got the same thing. :-(
> >
> > Leslie