the good news is that protonmail has a free option and the unofficial desktop application works well with tde. the bad news is that to store mail on the local machine something like the protonmail bridge is needed; otherwise, it is a kind of webmail interface (even in the desktop version) and needs a secur browser to use. it's fine, for instance, with tor. also, it either doesn't allow or makes difficult anythig but top posting, for which i apologize.

i have one of the paid programs, because i wanted to move the mail from a domain i own to protonmail.

On Fri, Apr 27, 2018 at 1:38 PM, William Morder <doctor_contendo@...> wrote:
On Friday 27 April 2018 09:38:13 dep wrote: > was just now trying to install the protonmail bridge bets, which is to > allow existing email clients to work with protonmail. but the .deb install > failed for lack of a litany of qt5 dependencies. i have a bunch of qt4 > things installed and they seem to work alongside tde perfectly well. so i > sought to install qt5-essentials, the first of the dependencies. after > which -- i typically install packages from the commandline -- i got this > unhappy display: > > The following packages were automatically installed and are no longer > required: acpi amarok-common-trinity amarok-engine-xine-trinity > amarok-trinity arts-trinity bluetooth bluez-utils crystalcursors > desktop-effects-tde-trinity dmz-cursor-theme fonts-arabeyes foo2zjs > fortune-mod fortunes-min fotoxx-common gir1.2-ges-1.0 > gir1.2-gst-plugins-base-1.0 gir1.2-gstreamer-1.0 gir1.2-json-1.0 > gstreamer1.0-gnonlin gtk-qt-engine-trinity gtk3-tqt-engine-trinity > gwenview-trinity kaffeine-trinity karm-trinity katapult-trinity > kbstate-trinity kdbusnotification-trinity keep-trinity kmag-trinity > kmailcvt-trinity kmousetool-trinity kmplayer-base-trinity > kmplayer-konq-plugins-trinity konversation-trinity kopete-trinity > kpf-trinity kppp-trinity krdc-trinity krfb-trinity > ksplash-engine-moodin-trinity ksystemlog-trinity ktorrent-trinity > kubuntu-default-settings-trinity kubuntu-konqueror-shortcuts-trinity > kvkbd-trinity landscape-client landscape-common lftp libavahi-tqt-1 > libccfits0 libcfitsio3 libdbus-tqt-1-1c2 libges-1.0-0 libifp4 > libjs-sphinxdoc libmp4v2-2 libnjb5 libqt5concurrent5 libraw9 librsync1 > libscim8c2a min12xxw pnm2ppa powermanagement-interface pxljr > python-gst-1.0 python-pylibacl python-pyxattr qt4-tqt-theme-engine rdesktop > rdiff-backup scim-bridge-client-qt scim-im-agent scim-modules-socket screen > speedcrunch splix strigi-daemon synaptic-trinity tqca-tls ttf-arabeyes > ttf-arphic-ukai ttf-arphic-uming ttf-lao ttf-malayalam-fonts ttf-thai-tlwg > ttf-unfonts-core Use 'apt-get autoremove' to remove them. > > oh, and it also deleted xorg, though i quickly reinstalled that. > > i'm hoping to make everyone play nice together, but before i do that i hope > to back out of whatever i've gotten myself into, lest the machine surprise > me at next reboot. > > help!! > > dep > > Sent with [ProtonMail]( Secure Email. Because > privacy matters. Yeah, you want to reinstall all that stuff, unless you don't really need some of it. (I have found speedcrunch to be a problem on my system, for example, but now I forget why.) It doesn't seem to have uninstalled desktop-core-trinity, but I do recognize a lot of those items as oft-used, if not strictly essential packages. There ought to be a workaround to get qt5 dependencies installed; if not, put in a request for Slavek or whoever to create them. I requested some packages (tork-trinity and kshowmail-trinity) a few years ago, and they were created in a few days, and have worked great ever since. Also, I would like to switch to ProtonMail or something similar, but have had problems registering for an account. As I recall, it kept rejecting my connection; also, I can't remember if they offer free accounts, or only paid accounts. So I am interested to hear your progress in getting ProtonMail to work with something like Kmail or Claws. Bill --------------------------------------------------------------------- To unsubscribe, e-mail: trinity-users-unsubscribe@... For additional commands, e-mail: trinity-users-help@... Read list messages on the web archive: Please remember not to top-post: