On Sat, Apr 28, 2018 at 2:29 AM, deloptes <deloptes@...> wrote:
dep wrote: > that's um, great but it has nothing to do with what i'm asking the list, > which is whether there's a build of qt5 that doesn't require wayland and > if so, whether that build of qt5 peacefully coexists with tde, because qt5 > is necessary for an application i intend to install. 
why asking this question here - what does trinity has to do with it? I guess the wayland topic needs to be discussed in devel list, but a friend uses KDE5 with QT5 and wayland and last time I had a look there he said wayland has X11 emulator, where you can run applications that does not support wayland perhaps this is what you want to know 
trinity has to do with it because when i attempt to install the application and its dependencies, it wants to delete muct of trinity, which is my desktop of choice. i am trying to learn if there is a way to preserve trinity and to install the application.