said deloptes:

|You need to be more explicit, there re, or were, 2 different versions of
|TDE, I jumped straight to R14.0.0.1 originally, and never looked back,
|currently at R14.0.5. So I don't recall the other version offered.

okay, let's take it from the top. i ran kde from the last beta before kde 1.0, almost 20 years ago. beginning with 4.0, the kde project went in my estimation all flaky, so i stuck with 3.5.x until i was happy to learn of tde, which i have used since then in its verious versions. i am currently running tde 14.0.5 atop ubuntu 14.04.

[much deletia]

i'm glad you have kmail working as you like. i do, too.

|What does this protonmail do that makes it so much more desirable?

it's not either/or. protonmail is a secure mail service, not a mail client. you can learn about it if you like at thing is, access to protonmail in linux is currently via a secure web interface (or an unofficial desktop app that is really a secure browser dedicated to protonmail). for windows and mac there is a thing called protonmail bridge. it encrypts the mail on the local machine before sending it, and decrypts it upon receipt, allowing more traditional mail clients to send and receive mail through protonmail. there is currently a beta, available only from protonmail, of the bridge for linux. that is what i am trying to install, so i can continue to use kmail, as i have for nearly two decades.

part of the reason for this is a change of the terms of use by my isp a week ago, wherein they announced that they would be combing through my email, pictures, and everything else in search of things useful to them. as a reporter and photographer for a living, i found this unacceptable. hence protonmail and hence my desire to make it work with kmail.


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