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Month: April 2018

Re: Re: more re. tde and qt5

From: deloptes <deloptes@...>
Date: Sun, 29 Apr 2018 08:33:39 +0200
William Morder wrote:

> So far it's the best option for private, secure email. You'll have to do
> some reading about it (and compare with other email services) to know why.
> Either you want end-to-end encryption, and other privacy/security
> features, or you don't (yet) care that much.
> My only other option seems to be to roll my own (that is, host my own
> email server on my own machine). I know of several people who do that
> (such as Richard Stallman, if I recall), but it's a pain in the behind,
> and a lot of work just to host your own email accounts with your own
> domain, etc.
> I will try to make some enquiries about what is involved, if anybody else
> really wants to know. So far, I've just been doing a lot of reading, and
> it seems a little too much trouble. In lieu of that kind of hassle, then,
> there is ProtonMail.

You are welcome to use the hosting service of a friend or so. If you don't
have such, we have one here, just let me know. I pay for 5 domains 140/y.

What I do not understand in the whole picture is how you get "encryption end
to end" - it means the other end must also be encrypted. So what is the
difference between this ProtonMail and using normal GnuPG.