sorry to be jumping from project to project, but i am back working on the geminipda device now. got debian stretch onto it this morning. (the reason i was asking about the ubuntu upgrade last night was that the flashing tools i was using weren't working; oddly, this morning using exactly the same commands -- i scrolled up to them in an xterm -- functioned perfectly, and now i have a tiny computer running debian, with lxqt running atop kwin. clearly none of it has been optimized for touch screen, which makes for some excitement (for those who find screaming and throwing things exciting).

i have no knowledge of lxqt and unless tde uses a lot more resources than lxqt, seems to me tde would be better. so, some questions:

will tdm run acceptably atop kwin, or does it need tdm? also, the hacks the guys have done have established some key bindings that are kind of important, so i'm hoping to disable kde's key bindings at first.

if memory serves, tde responds correctly to DPI settings, which if true is good, because the screen is 2160x1080, which makes for very small -- everything. but the default is something like 450 dpi. half that would be about right. i would install the kde classic icon set in the largest size (i wish that mosfet's theme were still around, but oh, well).

anybody see why this wouldn't work? i know tde is not optimized for a touch screen, but i don't think any linux desktop is.