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KDE Plasma Mobile is optimized for touch screens, but is still a work in progress.  It would not surprise me to see KDE Plasma Mobile adapted to work on the Gemini PDA.  In my experience, TDE is faster than both lxde & lxqt.  Your project sounds pretty cool, & in the unlikely event I'm able to afford a Gemini, I would enjoy using TDE or KDE Plasma Mobile on it.

The guys developing the Linux for Gemini have done some fine hacks, and it turns out that among the things they've altered fairly extensively is LXQT, so I guess I'm stuck with it for the moment. I did see plasma zoom past this morning when I did an upgrade, so it's here someplace. The default WM is KWin, which is why I asked about it.

It's seriously a work in progress. But it is surprisingly usable, but for the lack of a pointing device. Ah, what I'd give for it to have a little ThinkPad-style nubbins . . .

Now I need to figure out what mail client to use. I haven't a clue -- last one I used before KMail was XFmail, and that was 20 years ago.


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