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Month: June 2018

new thread - k3b problems ?

From: William Morder <doctor_contendo@...>
Date: Fri, 8 Jun 2018 14:34:47 -0700
Starting a new thread, since this does not specifically concern my current 
issues with k3b. 


On Friday 08 June 2018 14:16:18 elcaseti wrote:
> I stay away from lossy audio file formats as much as I can.  The poor
> quality musik CDs I burned with K3B & other libre burning programs were
> burned from flac files.  It sounds like you have been able to burn high
> quality musik CDs using K3B in the past.  That's encouraging, as it's
> something I wasn't able to do.  I hope you're able to do it again, now.
> > On Friday 08 June 2018 08:30:37 elcaseti wrote:
> > > In my experience, K3B works well for burning data CDs & data DVDs, but
> >
> > not as well for musik CDs.  I have had good luck with the version of Nero
> > > burning ROM for GNU/Linux & for Windows for burning musik CDs.  I'm not
> > > a fan of non-libre software, but when I burned musik CDs using K3B, and
> >
> > some other libre software burning programs, I had annoying audio problems
> > > that weren't always noticeable at first.
> >

> > My CDs always turn out great with k3b; but the quality always depends on
> > the
> > quality of your original source. If you try burning from mp3 files (which
> > are "lossy"), then you will have some problems. I always burn from either
> > flac or wav files. Also, if the flac or wav files were converted from mp3
> > or
> > another "lossy" format, then one can expect that the quality is not good.
> > Not
> > sure if the problems you mention have to do with quality, or something
> > else.
> > Skipping, hissing, etc., may be due to using a lower-quality source; it
> > might
> > sound pretty good on your computer, or on an mp3 player, but not when you
> > try
> > to play from a CD.
> >
> > I refuse to use non-free / non-libre / proprietary software, unless a gun
> > is
> > pointed at my head.
> >

I am curious about what sort of problems you had with k3b. Until now, it has 
worked great, and the quality has been excellent. However, whether this is 
related to my current issues or not, I would like to know the details of your 
problems, if you care to elaborate.