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Month: June 2018

Re: [trinity-users] why consolekit & policykit & elogind?

From: Jimmy Johnson <>
Date: Sat, 9 Jun 2018 16:23:12 -0700
On 06/09/2018 01:51 PM, Dr. Nikolaus Klepp wrote:
> Am Samstag, 9. Juni 2018 schrieb David C. Rankin:
>> On 06/09/2018 10:19 AM, Dr. Nikolaus Klepp wrote:
>>> Interesting. "udisks/udisks2" is not installed, but "pmount". Mounting removable devices without "pmount" fails. I also have no networkmanager running (just plain dhcp on eth0). Sounds good to me :-)
>>> On FreeBSD it looks like the TDEs hal-component does not work propperly when hal is compiled without consolekit/policykit: it just shows the interlan hd, but no removeable media - devd based automount still works propperly.

>> Consolekit was also needed for tdm to implement mulit-seat. I do not know the
>> current state of systemd inheriting the multi-seat functionality from
>> consolekit, but when I was building TDE for Arch, when arch dropped consolekit
>> and went to pure systemd, it broke tdm and there was a big push to implement
>> multi-seat without consolekit that was never quite brought to fruition.
>> Slavek probably recalls that mess. A good introduction of the
>> consolekit/polkit/udisk relationship is:
> That's an interesting article. So aparently consolekit/polkit/udisk and desendents are still around to solve a the multiseat "problem" which died when? 1995? Am I missing some bigger picture here?
> Somehow the documentation of consolekit makes me smile in that context: "Defining the Problem ... To be written."
> Polkit documentation is no better, 2. paragraph under "Usage in unprivileged programs"
> - translates to "avoid polkit" to me.
> Ok, as I mentioned before, on devuan nothing changes after I got rid of consolekit/polkit/elogind.
> On FreeBSD things are a bit different: I compiled sysutils/hal without consolekit2 and without polkit. I removed consolekit2 and polkit. After restarting hald, "konqueror media:/" works almost as expected: I get one error message "device busy", reloading shows the content of the media. Unmounting gives an error message, but the device is unmounted correctly (which does not happen with consolekit+polkit). But there is no atempt made to mount the device twice (which was what I wrote about some days ago) which is a big plus for me.

Hi Nik, I was able to remove consolekit and it was replaced by devuan 
packages but removing polkit also removes synaptic and I don't want to 
remove synaptic.  Isn't polkit and elogind now harmless devuan packages?

Jimmy Johnson

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