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Month: June 2018

a perfectly good system shot to hell

From: William Morder <doctor_contendo@...>
Date: Tue, 12 Jun 2018 20:31:27 -0700
Actually, it's running sort of okay, which is surprising, considering that I 
cannot find my wlan0 interface, yet I can still connect to the internet and 
send and receive emails; except that, as far as my system is concerned, I am 
not actually connected, even though I really am connected. 

It all started when I couldn't download packages from the repository at After doing a little research, I discovered that 
security packages will no longer be supported for Jessie after (I think) 17 
June 2018. And I had been putting off upgrading to Stretch, and furthermore I 
really wanted to switch to Devuan. So now I've done it, but there are a few 
bugs. I was worried that my system would be unusable, but instead it is just 
somewhat crippled. 

So my process was first to change repositories in my sources.list, from Jessie 
to Stretch, then I upgraded. Then I changed sources.list again to Devuan 
Ascii, and upgraded yet again. 

Now my network managers and other network-aware programs cannot recognize 
wlan0. (I use a wifi antenna to connect my desktop to the shared network in 
my building, which has been fairly stable.) Don't even bother suggesting that 
I try eth0, as there is nothing here for me to plug in *to*: it's wifi or 

I seem to recall that other systems (maybe Stretch?) used different names for 
some of the same interfaces, so it might just be a problem of renaming my 
wlan0 interface to something else. Only I can't find any other names. 

Also I cannot use Tor, or anything over proxy servers. As I said, the problem 
here seems to be that my system cannot find the interface that I use to 
connect. I can see activity over what appears to be wlan0, yet I cannot 
activate wlan0 either through a gui program, or by command-line, or by 
changing the lines in
... so any help here would be appreciated. It seems to be a simple basic 
problem, since I still have a running system with some kind of network. 

But yay! I have got Devuan Ascii running on my system, so I imagine the rest 
of my problems as just fine tuning. 

Please help!