On Sun, Jun 17, 2018 at 9:42 AM, Gene Heskett <gheskett@...> wrote:
Fixed. Dunno what changed, not a clue. I just deleted the printer from the cups menu, then re-added it using the same foomatic driver. It now works from kmail... That faint scratching sound? Me, scratching head. One of those thing that make you go "huh?". Like trying to put the deck drive belt back on a 20 year old John Deere rider, without a threading diagram. Way too much exercise for an old fart, but somebody had to do it. Extra tum's for the calcium, a big B12 pill and some quinine in the night to stop the leg cramps a geriatric old diabetic is prone to. Walking slowly & carefully this morning.
back in the old days of kde-1.x i had what i called "the linux nine-hour rule." it was this: any change to a linux system, no matter how big or small, took nine hours. later, about the time of ted hat 5.1, this was changed to a new rule: "i don't know -- i did some stuff and then it worked." this was invoked when one was asked how a problem got solved.

you seem to have confirmed that the secobd rule is still in force.


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