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Month: June 2018

Re: Re: [trinity-users] Re: TOTALLY off-topic - got a puzzle meets dinosaurs

From: Kate Draven <borglabs4@...>
Date: Mon, 18 Jun 2018 20:51:28 -0400
> But you forgot mc, Kate, and its still the best after all these years.
> Konqueror is a wannabe, and krusader is so limited its not worth its 
> storage space on spinning rust.

Oh I didn't forget MC, but it's a "CLI" file manager (and a mighty one), but 
not a graphical one. 

I disagree with Konqueror being a wannabe. It's a fantastic tool with infinite 
uses. You just have to know how to use it. Krusader is a great one too, 
again, if you know how to use it. 

For me, for example, Krusader an archiving tool. Target on one side, source on 
another and it tests the archives for me. Been using it for years. Then using 
Luckybackup for the rest. 

In 20 years. I have NEVER lost data. That's also partly because I have it down 
to a science and do them every night. The first times, is always the hardest 
and most time consuming.

I will say this about MC. It is a life saver. In the end, I have to agree, it 
is the most powerful tool of all under fire.