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Month: August 2011

R: Re: [trinity-users] Installing K9copy on Maverick/Trinity

From: "daniele.manghi@..." <daniele.manghi@...>
Date: Wed, 31 Aug 2011 21:28:45 +0200 (CEST)

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>Ogg: Re: [trinity-users] Installing K9copy on Maverick/Trinity
>> Hello.I'm happily running Maverick/Trinity (binary distribution
>> fromPearsoncomputing), and I've installed many packages, but allwith few
>> dependencies. Now, I wish install K9copy.However I've seen that installing
>> K9copy involves a lot ofdependencies, many of which are upgradings of the
>> base KDEsoftware. Do you know if it'safe to install all that together
>> withTrinity ? I would be very disappointing if I had to find out thatmy
>> Trinity was jeopardized by modules from some kind of KDE4.x
>> distribution.ThanksD.
>Which packages are you concerned about?
>You should be able to install any of the Trinity modules or applications
>side-by-side with KDE4 (or any other DE for that matter)--if this fails,
>it is considered a bug.
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Well, at last I've installed k9copy, but it does not work at all, because it 
starts but crashes every
time as soon as it tries to read the DVD driver. At the same time, I've 
discovered that Xine
reads only my old backup copies but not commercial DVDs. Maybe the two 
problems are
actually the same ? Do I have to install libdvdcss ? I tried to do so, 
manghi@silverblack:~$ sudo apt-get install libdvdcss
Lettura elenco dei pacchetti... Fatto
Generazione albero delle dipendenze
Lettura informazioni sullo stato... Fatto
Il pacchetto libdvdcss non ha versioni disponibili, ma è nominato da un altro
pacchetto. Questo può significare che il pacchetto è mancante, è obsoleto
oppure è disponibile solo all'interno di un'altra sorgente

E: Il pacchetto "libdvdcss" non ha candidati da installare