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Month: June 2018

Re: system colors & permission problems

From: J Leslie Turriff <jlturriff@...>
Date: Fri, 22 Jun 2018 18:46:35 -0500
On 2018-06-22 16:30:09 E. Liddell wrote:
> On Fri, 22 Jun 2018 09:17:34 -0700
> William Morder <doctor_contendo@...> wrote:
> > I don't know if these issues are really connected; I only know that they
> > seem to occur together. Feel free to separate the two issues if that is
> > more accurate.
> >
> > Issue #1
> > I noticed that my system colors are not applied to some applications. In
> > particular, the Firefox/Iceweasel and Seamonkey browsers. Sometimes when
> > I start up, these take on my KDE4 Plasma color settings (even when KDE4
> > is not installed); sometimes (maybe one-third to one-half of my
> > installations), everything in the GUI is white, sort of like in Gnome
> > desktops that I've seen. (Again, Gnome is not installed, though I do use
> > some standalone applications.) I can make PaleMoon take on my TDE color
> > scheme settings, and when I uncheck the button that says "apply to non
> > TDE applications", etc., it, too, turns all white like these other apps;
> > however, PaleMoon never takes on the color scheme from the KDE4 Plasma
> > desktop. And then, at other times, after I install I get my TDE settings.
> > (Maybe one out of ten installations, I will have Seamonkey and
> > Firefox/Iceweasel use my TDE color scheme settings.) Then again,
> > sometimes they will use my KDE4 settings. Both are available in my TDE
> > desktop, but only KDE4 settings are available in that desktop.
> Sounds like you're hitting a familiar problem with Linux GUI applications:
> they're all built with different widget sets, and attempts to transfer the
> colour schemes for different sets around are fraught.
> Currently, there are no less than three versions of QT and two of GTK in
> common use, and I find the only way to get them to behave themselves is
> to configure them all separately.  Browsers in the Firefox family use GTK2
> or GTK3, depending on which browser and which version.
> Unfortunately, I never did find a nice GUI configurator for writing system
> GTK configs without a GTK-based desktop installed.  QT3 is configured
> through TDE, QT4 through KDE4 or the included Trolltech settings widget,
> and qt5ct works adequately for QT5.
	I've used the gnome-tweak-tool for this (in my case to get rid of the yucky 
sans-serif fonts).  On the Appearance tab there's an option called Global 
Dark Theme.  Also, in Firefox,  I've installed a theme called Compact Dark, 
which helps, too.  There are numerous other dark themes for Firefox, and 
probably for Chrome and Opera, too.

> > TDE
> > Trinity Control Center/Colors
> > x Apply colors to non-TDE applications
> >
> > KDE4
> > System Settings/Application Appearance/Colors/Options
> > x Apply colors to non-KDE4 applications
> >
> > I don't so much care if they use the KDE4 settings or the TDE color
> > settings, just so long as it's not white. This isn't just that I hate
> > that my pretty desktop is spoiled; I started using these settings because
> > a white screen triggers a migraine - especially when I am working late at
> > night in a dark room. I impose dark screen settings on my default
> > browsers and other applications, too, for this reason. Also, there is a
> > practical reason: whenever I see a white screen, this usually reminds me
> > that I have opened that application as root, so that I am sure to be
> > careful I don't really mess up or delete stuff.
> Yeah, sounds about right--I've been setting up my desktops with white text
> on black/blue for more than twenty years for similar reasons.
> Try unchecking those two boxes you mention first.  Then create a file
> .gtkrc-2.0 in your user's home directory and put the following in it:
> gtk-color-scheme = "bg_color: #000044\nfg_color: #fff\nbase_color:
> #000\ntext_color: #fff\nselected_bg_color: #0ff\nselected_fg_color:
> #000\ntooltip_bg_color: #0ff\ntooltip_fg_color: #000"
> If that causes an abrupt colour change in your browser chrome, it should be
> easy enough to work it into a more standard colour scheme by adjusting the
> hex.  If not, we may have a little more work to do (my file is actually a
> lot more extensive and defines a variation on the standard Industrial
> style, because that was the easiest way to get usable scrollbars with such
> dark colours).
> Styling GTK3 is not that easy, unfortunately--it took me just under 400
> lines of CSS to get something I could live with.  I can hand my file over
> to you to play with if it turns out you need it (the colour information is
> exposed at the top, so fairly easy to change).
> > It occurred to me to try to purge the offending applications, then to try
> > to reinstall them from within the KDE4 desktop environment, and to do the
> > same within TDE, but this made no difference. Thus far, my only options
> > are either to live with the lack of color, or to reinstall my system yet
> > again, and hope for the best.
> >
> > Issue #2
> > This may or may not be related; it could be a permissions problem. I now
> > find that some of my external hard drives cannot be mounted or used,
> > because I can only access them as root. Even if I wanted to use them as
> > root, it means that I cannot access music files with my media player, for
> > example. Again, this has happened before, though not often, usually after
> > a fresh installation. In the past, it seems the only cure is to reinstall
> > everything. However, since I've not got this Devuan Jessie system working
> > pretty well, I don't want to mess up a good thing, especially if there is
> > an easy fix.
> >
> > I've already tried changing permissions, and that sort of thing. I am
> > guessing that there might be some kind of config files buried somewhere.
> > I've searched, but thus far I can find nothing.
> My first instinct would be to check /etc/fstab for missing "user" options
> and any odd umasks.  Also, udev does funky things with permissions
> sometimes. Of course, I'm using a different distro without an automounter,
> so I may be way off-base.
> E. Liddell
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