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Month: June 2018

Re: [trinity-users] Extract and Compress Missing - Solved by "Marley And Marley"

From: Baron <baron@...>
Date: Wed, 27 Jun 2018 16:02:56 +0100
Hi Kate,

On Tuesday 26 June 2018 22:36:41 Kate Draven wrote:
> My heroes Steve and Stefan (hmmm the same names)
> Ok I did have trinity-ark installed but Stefan was right, the
> plugins where, infact, contained in "trinity-konq-plugins". After
> running it, still didn't show up, so I follow Steve's idea (hmm)
> and there it was. In Ark, all the plugins are in the same packages.
> Made it easier.
> Thanks for all the suggestions. I've added them to my dbase of
> knowledge (I litterally do copy and paste everything I get from
> here into a knowit file and LO doc for later printing.)
> Thanks everyone, thanks Stefan and Steve (hence forth "Marley And
> Marley") For all the help.
> I am reminded of a little know FUD campaign by MS. "Linux will
> never make it because there are no software programs for it and it
> doesn't have any support whatsoever." Not the exact quote and I
> can't remember who said.
> Kate
> I really shouldn't have watched the muppets for background noise.
> Poor Stefan and Steve.

I remember that 640K memory should be enough for anybody !
But before that "No more than three computers should be enough..."
How times change :-)

Best Regards: