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Month: June 2018

Re: Brother printer - comments?

From: deloptes <deloptes@...>
Date: Wed, 27 Jun 2018 19:52:04 +0200
William Morder wrote:

> When one has literally no money to spend, one must make do with what is
> available. I hear what everybody is saying about laser printers, but that
> is not an option.

then go to the copy shop, you can print for about 5cent

> There are refillable cartridges, and refill bottles. I doubt that they can
> dry up. My old HP cartridges dried up because they sat in a storage space
> for a couple years. These won't dry up (at least, not so fast), because I
> will use them now.

This is BS. Just compare cartridge price/printer price for ink and you'll
see that in 2 years you spent more on cartridges

> I'm only asking if anybody else has tried these refillables. I don't want
> advice that I *ought* to buy a laser printer, when I cannot do so.

Yes, they are complete BS - forget it!

Alternative could be dot matrix printer (it is a bit noisy), higher price,
but low material cost. I bought one in 1996 and it is still working.

I bought HP 5L LJ in 1999 and I threw it away last year - it was not worth
repearing. I bought two cartridges for €70,- each - makes 7€ per year for
the cartridge. Just calculate total cost + material cost per intended
period of use. You'll notice that prices have gone high in the past year,
but most people can not calculate any way.

I now bought a HP 402dn which prints 40 times faster than the 5L and cost
200,-. The cartridge would cost 100,- in 5-10y, so I guess I will have avg.
cost of 30,- per year - this is definitely not much. There are also cheaper
LJ printers, but I like HP and can write it off anyway.

If you don't have money - earn money and buy something good instead a cheap
sh*t that will give you headache - or just leave it.