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Month: June 2018

How to use mouse click as part of a keyboard shortcut?

From: mb_trinity_desktop@...
Date: Wed, 27 Jun 2018 15:37:33 -0500
Hi All,

In a boneheaded move, I ended up deleting quite a few of my .config files 
(user/.trinity/…) and while I’ve restored/fixed almost everything back to the 
way it was, I can’t seem to re-figure out how I used a mouse click in 
keyboard shortcuts.

I had this working globally:

{Windows Key} + {left mouse click} = Minimize application under mouse cursor

If you get use to it, it’s insanely useful and much easier than tracking down 
each app’s minimize button.

# # #

I thought I had originally set it up in the Trinity Control Center:

Trinity Control Center >> Regional & Accessibility >> Keyboard Shortcuts
(Global Shortcuts >> Windows >> Minimize Window)

But I can’t get that to take a mouse click in the “Configure Shortcut” popup.  
{Windows Key} + {space} works.

AFAIK I didn’t install anything else to do this:

michael@local [~/.trinity/share]# which file   xbindkeys xdotool xautomation 
easystroke   xev


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So a couple questions:

- Does the “Configure Shortcut” popup take mouse clicks for anyone else?

- Can anyone point me in the right direction on what I need to dig back into 
to restore/fix it’s config so mouse clicks can be use in keyboard shortcuts 

Thanks All,